Monday, October 5, 2015

Oh Monday, Monday!

Today did NOT start well. Between hacker problems (or a huge glitch on MSN's part) and leaving for work without having had any coffee, and starting work without having had any coffee... can you sense how great my morning was?

It's ending quite well though. And I love lists. Have I said before how much I love lists. I made my 31 happy to-dos list yesterday and today I was determined to at least mark one thing off of it. It was a gloomy coolish day all day. When I got home from work my little Abe was very wide awake (should have been napping (Oh Monday, Monday)) and in a really good bubbly mood. I made an executive decision to skip his nap, call over to his Grammy and Papa's house, and see if Papa would be willing to teach him how to shoot his bow today. I bought this bow and arrow set on clearance, 50% off at the beginning of last month. Today is the first time I've given it to him. He was in shock. Number 31 on my 31 happy to-dos for October is now marked off. And my kid is on cloud nine!

Little Abe with Grammy and Papa

For a child who wants to be Robin Hood when he grows up today was amazing. He is very, VERY proud of himself for learning this new sport. He actually got one arrow in the ring right next to the bulls eye. At first he thought it was a miraculous feat. Then he emphatically exclaims, "Hey, I'm almost Robin Hood now." You cannot help but laugh at that. Right? Haha!

Loving lists on this Monday Monday! I also see an early bedtime in the near future and some hot cider, first of the year. Oh, how I love hot cider!


  1. Cute kid! Don't you just love the excitement that little ones exude?

    1. Thank-you and no doubt about it. I hopped up and down after each arrow he shot after probably the first 15 tries. A giddy three year old can truly turn grey skies blue!

  2. There is seriously nothing like doing something fun with a child that can help turn a bad day around. Glad you had a bright moment in your day!