Saturday, October 31, 2015

Yesterday's Thanksgiving Post; oops

My friends. People I’ve driven around with for hours to nowhere; and sometimes to random faraway places just for the adventure of it. The friends who’ve screamed out song lyrics at the top of their lungs with me while the car speakers made the car shake. People I’ve laughed so hard and so uncontrollably with that it hurt but we still couldn’t stop. The ones who looked past my scowl and liked me anyway. Friends who practically let me live at their houses when I was a teenager. It’s strange how far behind me these memories are but they've all shaped my life and have left me with priceless memories of good times, great friendships, and we sure contributed to the oil/ gasoline industry! I think we should get some sort of reward or free stock. I’m so very thank-ful for all the ladies that traveled the world (really the US and little bits of Canada) and a large part of life with me.

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