Saturday, June 1, 2019

yard work blog

This is turning into the yard work blog. Yesterday's WIN was getting a ton of yard work done and cleaning inside the house a bunch while having fun with the kids. It was a gorgeous day, warm, sunny, and the entire world is in bloom and filled with wild life. Wonderful!

The FAIL for the day was eating almost no healthy food.

Yesterday's SPICE was the picnic Abe set up for us in the backyard. Baby Wren's pack and play was already outside because she was in it while I was mowing the lawn. We went inside. While I fed her Abe put a sheet out, set up two lawn chairs on it. A little one for him and a big one for me. He wheeled her pack and play over to it. He brought out six stuffed animals, two for each of us. And then he got some bowls and plates and brought out chips and granola bars for our snack. When he was all done he announced the picnic and it was wonderful.


  1. yesterday's win sounds to have been a near perfect day! A not-so-healthy day's eating every once-in-a-while is great!

  2. I love being outside, but really am not a yard work kind of gal. Fortunately, my husband does like it.

  3. I know your son is thrilled to see her walk. My children were so proud of their baby sister now that she was upright.

  4. Having a picnic orchestrated by Abe negates any ill effect of not so healthy food!