Thursday, September 6, 2012

Almost Friday Anyway

The ONE goal for now is $1000 EF, currently at $220. Only $480 to go in order for me to meet this months hopeful.

Today's September challenge was a success for myself and my friend. YAY us!

At present hubby and baby are asleep for the night. I didn't buy any food at work. I didn't even have to buy groceries for dinner. I cooked dinner at home. I've finished balancing the checkbook. I washed some of the dishes. There are clothes in the dryer (and wash). Oh, the list goes on and continues to get more and more boring. I do still need a shower and I need to track down some sanity and... well I won't continue with this list either.

So, trying to bring food to work and cook at home again has added several extra chores to my never ending list but despite constantly feeling overwhelmed I am doing much better emotionally now that I'm reigning in the finances again. So far this month has brought with it a breath of fresh air that I haven't known for quite sometime. Life hasn't gotten any less crazy but I'm feeling better.

Today's lovely: This morning's drive up north. It was unbelievable. Fall is truly on its way. The foliage in fields was accompanied by the autumn yellow bushes. There were these spectacular little plants that almost looked like dew covered spiderwebs, which I've never seen before dotting hills for miles. Which is funny because I spotted a fantastic neon yellow plant last year on my drive north that I'd never seen before. The clouds this morning were practically putting on a show. At first they were misty grey waves like upside down rolling hills of silk in the sky. I'm surprised I've an impeccable driving record. I couldn't stop watching them. They quickly took on a deep blue hue and then the sun began to tip them with glowing edges. Then sunbeams burst through creating streaks of light traced with yellows and oranges beneath the deep blue clouds (that had formerly been a light grey silk). Just as this scene began I came upon the Wind turbine field. I'm not sure why but I'm in love with the enormous wind turbines they just put up north even though I've only ever seen one of them move. These gianormous white machines backdropped by this mornings spectacular sun beaming sky... well that's one way to start a day. Wow, this lovely is longer than the blog.


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