Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is it January Yet?

I feel like this year has been such a huge mess up. Ok, I knew before it even began that it would be difficult and WONDERFUL. I knew that it would basically be ALL about the baby. I knew that we'd be really strapped for money but I didn't expect that my defenses, that my will power, that my every ounce of energy would be so sapped.

Today I found myself thinking, "Can't this year just be over already?" It will be over before any of us know it but I was feeling that I need a new start now. Just throw this one under the rug and begin with a clean slate...

Ah, but I am not ready to resign 2012. After wishing for the speedy arrival of 2013 I realized that there's still a quarter of this year left. One fourth is really a big chunk of a year. I figure I can do a lot with one fourth. I should be able to get together a $1000 emergency fund. I should be able to find satisfaction and accomplishment in sticking to the budget for an entire quarter of the year. I've got one fourth of 2012 left to love on my baby boy AND kick it into gear financially. One fourth of an entire year to notice the lovelies. One fourth of an entire year to wear my rose colored glasses. There's something to be said for that.

2012 is NOT over yet! The first 3 quarters may have been a not incredibly successful challenge but I have a son now. I'm a mom. The hubby got the promotion. We took care of our Boz's teeth (again). He's back in good health. Okay! Pep talk done.

Today's lovely: The baby boy is starting to slowly lift his little hand to his hair and pull and twirl and softly feel his fuzzy auburn head. I'm amazed that only a few months ago he was growing in my stomach and now he's experiencing the world and really enjoying it. What a miracle life is.


  1. Way to shift your context girl! Enjoy the rest of this year - there's still so much of it left!

  2. "One fourth is really a big chunk of a year. I figure I can do a lot with one fourth." --Yes! :) So well put!