Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Lovelies

Struggling. But here.

Today I set out to enjoy beauty/ lovely moments, 20 of them. 20 free, no money required, perfectly uplifting little bits of life.

1. You ever have one of those, "that could be a piece of art (like a painting)" moments? Just saw an old guy on a rickety moped at a 4 way stop, wearing a University of Michigan shirt with a fairly odd pine box sitting behind him covered in painted UofM logos, bumpers stickers; no one could have missed the blue and maize. Not sure why but the sight brought a large smile to my face.
2. Puppy kisses from my Maggie.
3. Rocking my boy to sleep
4. And gazing upon his perfect, priceless little sleeping face.
5. A cool breeze in the evening air.
6. A much needed hot shower.
7. Grandma Lucy's mac'n'cheese at the house warming gathering this evening.
8. Despite our constant bickering every day spent with my husband is lovely. I love that man.
9. A grasshopper.
10. Seeing the father and son next door playing football in their front yard.
11. The smell of my baby's hair.
12. Watching boys playing together (entertaining but geesh they're aggressive)
13. Tea. (Irish breakfast)
14. ooh, getting the house vacuumed. That was genuinely a lovely bit of today.
15. I could have made all 20 something pertaining to my boy but I must add at least one more: his tiny hands and his enormous smile! For sure a lovely bit of everyday. I'm so amazed by him.
16. Hubby mowed the lawn. It'd be super lovely if I'd stepped outside to smell the fresh cut grass, my favorite aroma in the world, but its great just that he did it. Beautiful!
17. Putting on my pjs... so comfy.
18. Hearing mom in law and hubby laughing hysterically together at the stupidest thing (two peas in a pod with the same exact terrible sense of humor).
19. Peace and quite
20. And right now. I'm going to bed. Oh sweet, sweet sleep.

No pennies required. What lovely bits of life inspired you today?


  1. Great Idea we all see things that are either humorous or touching or just plain interesting and we don't even realize what a wonderful world we live in.

  2. The beautiful full moon this morning

    Jean - MN

  3. 1. My "garden" on my balcony
    2. Sunlight on the lawn at 8AM
    3. After a couple (two, three?) weeks of absence, I'm going to the gym again in a couple of hours
    4. Seeing the morning wind blow my puppy's "hair" :)

  4. I could list off 20 beautiful things simply about my newborn daughter, so I know how hard it was to come up with a list of 20 that are not all about your son! I love #18 -- loved ones' laughter is amazingly gorgeous!

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  6. oh what a lovely post, just what I needed this morning.
    my lovely things so far:
    the cat cuddling up and purring on my lap
    nothing like a cup of tea at home!
    the sun is pouring in the window and the blossoms are everywhere