Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Fourth Quarter

I'm pretty excited about these last three months of 2012 and fall is my favorite season. I feel like I've got somewhat of a chance to redeem myself financially. There are 3 months left to stick to the budget and obtain a small sense of accomplishment for 2012.

The Fourth Quarter
$1000 emergency fund
$12 a day: food, household supplies, gifts; spending
$3 a day for the babe
Keep track of and jot down every penny spent
Read through my blog
Notice and acknowledge every lovely bit of life

That seems basic enough.


  1. My New goal untill 2013: get everything we need and spend as little as possible. I really need to save up for bills to come. Onces I couldnt avoid, but

    1. But they are worth it. Our New baby is finally here and now I need to find out how things are going to be now. Luckily we've got a closet full of briljant outfits for our New one and diapers for at least a month. Giving me some learningspace