Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pollyanna Moment

Gripe, gripe, gripe... Yesterday I got an e-mail back from HR in response to my question about Labor Day holiday pay. The answer is, "You haven't averaged enough hours over the past 12 weeks to qualify for Holiday pay," even though you're a 40 hour employee who we've not been giving 40 hours to because work is slow and you're not allowed to work on Labor Day and we won't give you the raise we previously said you would get this year (after FOUR years of not having a raise... which with the current economic situation and inflation considered is basically a demotion)*. SO the 40 hour week I thought I had this week (for the first time since I've been back from maternity leave) turns out to be a 32 hour week. (Completely giving away my pay rate) That puts me another $80 behind this week. I cried. I actually cried when I got the e-mail. You know how sometimes it feels like the world is against you?

This morning though I had a wonderful Pollyanna moment. At the beginning of last month I had to pay double on the cable/ phone/ internet bill because I was behind. Somehow I (thought) missed last months bill because it comes towards the middle of the month and I didn't get it. So I was pretty sure this months bill would be double again. I put $260 in Septembers budget for cable/ phone/ internet. Turns out I'm not behind! Ok, so I'm $80 down because of Labor day but $130 up because I kept poor track of the communications bill. Woohoo! The way I look at I just found an extra $50. Pollyanna!

* Its not that I'm a bad employee but in my company you don't get a review unless you have bad performance. But raises usually go along with reviews... I know that doesn't make sense. I am told fairly regularly that I'm one of the best field workers. So even though I work all alone with no one to compare my work to I know I don't suck. I can't stand asking for a raise but I actually did it in December. My boss said he'd put in for one in January (and basically said I'd get it). Our company got bought before he put in for one and now he says the new owners put a freeze on raises. My last raise was in 2008.

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