Monday, July 27, 2015

Debt Quotes

It's possibly rather prideful of me but I've added a new label to this blog that I'm rather fond of. Many of my favorite posts fall under the title of Debt Quote Tuesday, something I've not done for awhile but very well may start up again. Whatever the case I really like all of the quotes I've posted on the many Debt Quote Tuesday's starting all the way back on Tuesday May 17 of 2011. I've wasted a great deal of time today going back and labeling them all but if only for my own sake I like to be able to use the labels to find old posts, such as prior debt quotes more easily.

If you've spare time, enjoy:

Debt Quote Tuesdays of Old


  1. I read two of your Debt Quote Tuesdays. Congratulations on setting goals and sticking to them.


    1. I'm much better at setting goals then sticking to them but I am able to mark some off the list now and again :)

  2. Great job on setting your goals! My goal is to get the house paid off but it has been the same goal for the passed 20 years. I'll get there but I don't think that it will be paid off that early, maybe 3 years.