Friday, July 10, 2015

The Garden; Weekend of Carrots

I'm declaring this the weekend of carrots. I was hoping to eat two or three carrots a day (and we have been) until they were all picked. Yesterday I noticed these little rust colored beetles in the bin. I don't know if they'd harm the carrots or not but they killed my beautiful basil plant last summer so I didn't want to risk it. I pulled up about half of the carrots that were left and I'll probably pull the rest of them Sunday or Monday. Now to eating carrots! (These grew so well in the bin)

As for the rest of the garden my tomato plants have gotten huge and they are doing grand. There are little green roma tomatoes all over them. These little green beauties make me so happy.

There are three bean plants (that I didn't snap a photo of) that seem to be growing VERY slowly but they look good. And the two watermelon seeds I planted have sprouted and look really good, tiny, but good (also didn't take a photo). The watermelon seeds threw me for a loop. I planted two and one sprouted. The other did not, until at least two weeks later. Maybe it's our region, maybe it's watermelon but everyone I've talked to says they never had much luck with watermelon. What I hear from most people is, "I tried growing them one year." The two plants look good though so right now I am hopeful. Our strawberry bins are done producing but I know the u-pick strawberry places around here are done for the season too so my little guys had a very good run this year.

My sister in law, who I grew some tomato plants for grew some sunflowers from seed for me. She gave me eight plants and thanks to the neighborhood rabbits I have ONE left. I've never grown sunflower before and this plant makes me so happy. Now that it's made it to this grandiose size the rabbits are leaving it alone (Also I surrounded it with used coffee filters that I weighed down with coffee grounds. The rabbits have stayed away from it since the day I put the filters down. My theory was they wouldn't want to step on them and it seems I was right). 

Seeing this regal thing with such a hearty strong stem and large course leaves that grew from the tiny little sprout she gave me is just, hm, in a way it's miraculous. I can't wait for the flower to open either. It's going to be SO big. I imagine it's very much a novice of a gardener type thing but I truly love looking out the kitchen widow at different times of the day and seeing the sunflower tilted and bending this way or that depending on where the sun is in the sky, attempting to soak up as many of the radiant beams of light that it can get on the top of it's sunflower head. Makes me smile every single day.

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.11


  1. OMG - your carrots look AMAZING!!! I tried them one time and got these stubby little messes so never tried again....maybe I'll try a bin next year! I'm so jealous of your tomatoes....I got NOTHIN!!!! I did replant some peas after my chucklehead son killed everything while we were on vacation and they are about 5" high so I have hope for them. I also have a white squash growing well & producing all kinds of blossoms, but so far, no squash :( Oh well, the nice thing about gardening is there is always next season :)

    1. Thanks! I read a blog post about how carrots grow so much better in bins which was the main reason I decided to put mine in the bin (the rabbits were the other). I love the way they turned out!

      I'm so glad you planted more beans :) It'd be so sad if you just didn't end up gardening this year because of the "drought" during your vacation. And yay for the squash too. I'd like to see pictures...

  2. As my tomatoes and peppers were flops, maybe bin carrots next year. I know what you mean though about looking at your sunflower. I keep checking my herb pots-the only thing that grew. My rasberries are starting to come.

    1. I used this blog post as my guide for the carrot bin:

      I'm glad your raspberries have started to come in!!! Raspberries are so delicious. Really glad you ended up with something :)