Sunday, July 26, 2015


I've been eagerly anticipating the bloom of my very first sunflower. When my sister in law gave me the sprouts she had no idea how big each flower would get, if they would cluster, or even if they'd be red or yellow. The seeds were a strange hybrid. She harvested them herself from one flower and has grown them before with all different results. The one sunflower sprout she gave me that survived the neighborhood wildlife (although it's enormous regal leaves have been heavily attacked by bugs) is now taller than me and has far surpassed how big I thought it would get. I'm in love with the giant thing and cannot wait to see it's flower. Today is the first time it's started to open. I probably looked out my kitchen window at least 100 times to make sure I hadn't missed the bloom. But no, the sun is now setting and the flower is not yet fully opened. Tomorrow then, right?

Additionally on the eager anticipation chart is our vacation. I am a little overwhelmed by it's rapid approach but very excited. The hotel rooms are booked, restaurants have been researched (mostly), caves in Kentucky have been thoroughly (internet) explored, and my wonderful lovely sister has been booked to stay at our house with the furry family members while we are gone. My to do list is extraordinarily long right now but I am so excited just to get away!!! (this is little Abe's countdown so that he has a better grasp of when the trip will be)

Sorry its so blurry; I'm too tired to retake this photo right now


  1. I can't believe it is coming up this fast - how can that be???? I'm so glad you are going and remember to HAVE A GOOD TIME....don't go crazy, but don't stress over money either or you will make yourself (and everyone else) miserable....ask me how I know this :)

    As long as you have fun and go a little bit over budget, don't worry about it - just don't put it on plastic !!!

    That sunflower is beautiful - I definitely want to see a pic when it opens up!!!!

  2. I love seeing the pictures of the sunflower! Also, I'm excited to hear about the caves. I've been to both Mammoth Cave and Carter Caves State Park. Both are fascinating and a perfect excursion in the summer heat!