Sunday, July 5, 2015

June Numbers Are In

I FINALLY got my June numbers added up, well sort of, and at least what numbers I could track down. It's not pretty!

Average daily spending for June: $21.43

$13.71 a day on Groceries. Total $315.33
$2 a day on Clothing. Total $45.89
34 cents a day on Toiletries. Total $7.50
10 cents a day on Garden. Total $2.49
$1.55 a day on Food out. Total $35.65
40 cents a day on Cleaning. Total $9.34
$1.23 a day on Pets. Total $28.42
$2.10 a day on Stuff. Total $48.33

I promise you I did not bow off the radar for a whole week and blow copious amounts of money but I did manage to loose track of my spending for an entire week. I get really frustrated when I do that too because chances are there was a no spend day and possible $2-ish type spending days somewhere in that week that could have actually helped my spending average but I cannot find receipts to fully calculate any of those days. When I lose track of a day I take it out of the average. So let's say I lost track of 21 days for 2015, I would calculate my average for the year based on 344 days not 365. That makes my financial month of June only 23 days long this year, at least for my average daily spending calculation. I haven't lost track of any days up until now. Blah!

Well June is over.

I'm hopeful for July. The Tennessee contract has been signed. I'm looking forward to keeping up my half, not buying anything but groceries, not going out to eat, or picking food up from anywhere. Ideally the contract will get us on track for the vacation in August but also will keep spending down a lot.

So far I broke the contract once when I picked up two markers and a piece of poster board for $2.10 to make the family tree drawing for my Grandpa. My husband broke it once to get himself ice cream from an ice cream shop yesterday for $4.02. At least the confession box portion of the contract is feeling important now.

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.34

Grr, I'm having a very difficult time shaking that $18 range for very long. I really want to keep it under $18 a day.

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  1. Great to hear of a very definitely shared project between you and your husband and even better to hear how seriously you are both taking it.