Friday, July 1, 2011


Really? It's July?

Despite how RAPIDLY this year is flying by I'm glad at least for a three day weekend.

I'm in a bit of a funk. I've officially given up caffeine (again). I haven't had any for a week!!! I also haven't had any coffee for a week (or tea). Yeah, I'm not lying. I really haven't. I also haven't been very alive for a week.

I feel like my husband's grandma passed away and our lives went into shambles. His mom also just left for re-hab. Things are weird around here. I don't remember the last time I cleaned the house. I've been pretty sick pretty much every day lately (I'm sure much of that is from lack of caffeine). I haven't been paying any attention to the money. In fact I'm planning on spending at least an hour first thing tomorrow morning reworking the budget, balancing the checkbook, and beating myself up for being a moron for almost two weeks. Let me tell you when you slip it's hard to stand back up again.

To top it all off my sister and I SHOULD be at our yearly music festival (Cornerstone). We've gone the past 7 years straight. This would be my eleventh year. It's my only real vacation of the year, where I get to relax, really enjoy life, and just have fun. I look forward to it all year long. This year I decided to do the responsible thing and NOT spend the money on the ticket, the gas, the food, you name it and save and pay off debt. It was a VERY difficult decision but I knew it was right. However right now, at this moment, when I know that there are thousands of people enjoying my vacation without me and my little sis... well my heart is breaking just a bit. Sigh.

I hope everyone is doing considerably better than I've been. I look forward to catching up on your blogs once I blow my morning crunching numbers. I hope everyone enjoys this weekend and for all you fellow American's may you be blessed with many cook outs, spectacular fireworks, and wonderful family time. AND (in our case) may your little dogs find peace and not freak out from all of the explosives detonating all weekend long.

I think I'm going to take a LONG walk now. I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow.


  1. Hey give yourself a break, you have had a death in the family and family trauma then you give up caffeine, deny yourself a yearly vacation,, know wonder you are down. You will feel better next week and you will get back on rack because if you don't I will hound you:) Good Luck!

  2. Sending you good wishes. Don't deprive yourself! Give yourself a bit of pampering and 'me' time and get back into the groove slowly. You've had a rough patch but you'll recover.

    K xxx

  3. Awww.... Sorry everything is so crappy for you right now! :( Hope things look up for you soon!

  4. I have no advice for you, but I wanted to tell you to hang in there. Look at all the progress you have made already! You're doing great!

  5. Keep your head up. You've had a tough time, but the discipline will help you feel stronger in the end.

    I hope you get a break soon :)

  6. ouch, what a painful sacrifice! hope your sis went and will share a CD she bought there. good luck with the decaffeinating!