Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sometimes you just Gotta Laugh

I ended the week $22.27 over budget. That's kind of alot. We went out to eat several times this week. That's always been our biggest downfall and ever since my husband's grandma passed away, coupled with my mother in law going into rehab (she's home now and doing well), and trying to spend time with my father in law while he was left all alone we'd started eating out ALOT again. It's a difficult cycle to break. I'm trying... again.

On a more positive note I cannot remember the last time we went into overdraft. I think I've finally kicked that HORRIBLE habit. I haven't had any coffee (decaf included) in over 5 weeks. If you haven't been reading this blog, I'm a horrible addict. The other day it cooled down a bit (it's been VERY warm as of late) and I wanted coffee like you wouldn't believe. I'm sure I'll drink it now and again later on but it's just too early to be going back. The laundry is in the wash and it's looking like a really good clothes line day. I love hanging the sheets and blankets on the line out back.

7.29.11 Lovely: Driving home, eyes squinting from the sun, I found myself laughing out loud, mouth wide open from something I heard on the radio about a yooper * beating up a black bear. I was in a load of traffic and I suddenly realized that I must look ridiculous. (I'm not one to just bust out laughing... that'd be my husband, the guy laughs at himself when no one's around). I'm not entirely sure why but the moment stood out. There was something quite freeing about it.

*a yooper is someone who lives in michigan's upper peninsula. I can't imagine too many people are familiar with the term. Google it if you wish. It's legit. They're from an entirely different world up there.


  1. I don't think going over that amount is that bad at all! Considering the stress you've been under I think is really good.

    I thought a yooper might have been some type of dog! Ha! Thanks for the clarification!

  2. Someone beat up a black bear?

    There are going to be time when you/me go over budget. It can't be perfect all the time. It's 3.18 a day, not too bad, plus when things get crazy hectic you have to adjust your budget expectations a bit. Here's to a better week, next week.