Monday, July 25, 2011

We're Just Gonna Blame it on July

The consensus is in and there's just something about July. August will be great!!! (It has to be by golly)

Ok, so yesterday I spent $9.51. I'm pretty happy with that number. Today I spent $8.24. Again, really great. I'm officially BEHIND on this week's budget by $4.90. (In other words I have $4.90 left from the past three days... for some reason I'm tripped up on the terminology. Behind sounds bad.)

Other good news: I haven't had any caffeine, coffee, or tea in over a month. The intense heat is helping me not crave it as much (although I do feel like I need ice cream just about every second of every day). It really is good to be caffeine free. I'm sure I've saved a bunch of money in that area at least.


My little goal for today and tomorrow is to get the checkbook caught back up. I seriously haven't written a single transaction down or balanced it in a few weeks. Not weird since I lived my whole life this way but I've been LOVING balancing the checkbook and I've already in the few months I've been doing it saved myself from a few potential financial disasters. I never quite understood how they happened before but I get it now. Just in case you're wondering, when the bank puts a transaction into pending and you subtract if from your balance and then a few days later they drop it off totally (which puts the money back into the account) all of the sudden it looks like you've spent less than you actually did. But when that transaction gets pulled back out of your account AGAIN you're suddenly in the hole. Of course you can't figure out why you're in the hole because you already thought the transaction that just put you in the hole went through awhile ago. They did this with one particular transaction FOUR times last month. Of course I was balancing the checkbook so it didn't trip me up at all but if I hadn't been I'd have been royally screwed!

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  1. August will be awesome I'm sure!! :) Good for you on the caffiene! I'd give up eating food first... :P lol!