Friday, September 30, 2011

Budget Balanced!!!

The week is over and I did it. I stayed on budget... $12 a day (plus $3 a day for the peanut). It feels so good. All the hard work and self discipline are so worth it. I love the accomplishment!

Now that my husband is being regularly informed (whether he likes it or not) I'm feeling REALLY compelled to hold up to my end of the bargin/ stick to the $12 a day budget for my spending and all the groceries/ household supplies.

I left next weeks budget summary on the counter in the kitchen for him yesterday. There's no cushion this week. The ending balance before payday is 16 cents. When I got home from work I asked if he'd looked at it. I received a simple "Yes." So far he's not complained about anything budget related for the upcoming week.

Despite the grumbling he actually did a pretty good job only spending his "spending" cash this week. There were a few random debits... a video game rental and a food purchase at work when he ran out of money. (ok, after his intial revolt/ CD purchase) But otherwise props to him for spending considerably less than normal and really attempting to comply with the dreaded budget.

Goal number 3 is officially under way and I am SOOO back in the game!


  1. I just love your blog! You capture the struggle of staying on task with a perfect mix of humor and positivity!

  2. My husband and I have struggled forever on paying bills. We both are not big savers. I have always done the bills since he was known to overdraft at the start of our relationship. Now he has his own account and has taken over a lot of bills, I just have to trust now that he is going to pay them, which is hard. Have you thought about rewarding your husband when he does stick to his budget? Like an extra $20 for the month or maybe even plan his favorite dinner.