Monday, September 5, 2011

Little Update

This is going to be a bit more positive blog. I've been in a slump and my blogs as of late have been horribly negative.

After this month I will have paid almost $3500 in credit card debt this year. Last year was our biggest credit card payoff year to date. We paid $2836 off during all of last year. I'm going to be really half glass full and say if nothing else at least we've exceeded last years pay off. That is progress and as always every penny paid off is a spectacular thing. I'm pretty sure that by the end of this year the Credit card debt will be under $20,000. Yes, that's still REALLY high but I've been waiting for this milestone FOREVER. I'm pretty excited.

One last note of positive: Our total debt payoff this year is already over $7000. Hey, I might make it to a total debt payoff of $10,000 this year even if less than half of that is from the dreaded credit cards. It is what it is. I'm certainly not going to complain.


  1. Excellent work chipping away at that CC debt. It's exciting to see how it all adds up.

  2. Good job! I can't wait until all of my debt is gone.

  3. That is AMAZING! It's easy to focus on what's yet to be done, but I totally support taking a moment (or a few days, or weeks...) to give yourself a high-five for everything you've accomplished! Woot woot!