Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hehe, I'm so Smart

Yeah, NOPE... it back fired.

He's been bringing up budget issues EVERYDAY. He needs his guitars (I don't know what you call it) adjusted. $50 each, 3 guitars. Because I complain about him spending at least $20 once a week to go to lunch and a movie with his friends apparently I'm "against him having friends." I've told him numerous times that he can hang out with his friends every day of the week for all I care he just needs to stop spending so much money on his outings. I asked him what the $16 Amazon charge was (over and above the cash I gave him... encroaching upon the $30 cushion) and apparently I'm supposed to have ESP because I just should have known that it was a CD he needed. Oh, my oh my the ranting and raving just goes on. He's really REALLY angry at me for suggesting that he cut back his spending a bit and stick to a budget.

Ok, he's got issues but I love him and he's not as evil as this blog is making him out to sound. He's just REALLY... not wanting to take responsibility for anything.

I'm sorry to be venting about this all on here. I've tried very hard to be respectful to my husband and not include him too much in this blog. Unfortunately that's left me ignoring Goal number 3. I take one week and try and make one little baby step towards goal number 3 and now I have a furious husband who thinks I am trying to ruin his life. Ok, here's what I don't understand: I hand him a written budget for the week showing clear as day the starting account balance, the paycheck deposit, gasoline, spending, cable bill, electric bill, equity line payment, and ending account balance. How am I responsible for there not being enough money for him to buy every little thing his heart desires?

I'm REALLY frustrated right now AND I am currently writing up his budget summary for next week. His week long temper tantrum is NOT getting him off the hook. From here on out he will see every penny that comes in and goes out. I don't spend anything EVER and yet I'm the bad guy. Oh no, it does not work that way!!!


  1. I know how you feel. My BF thinks I'm trying to ruin his social life, but he listens to me kind of. My BF definitely needs to work on his finance problems.

  2. It WAS a good idea to give him that budget. Maybe you should've neglected to mention the spare $30, but still!

    I'm sure he's a lovely guy and not "as evil as this blog is making him out to sound"! He's obviously got some sort of issue in dealing with finances though!

    Melanie has a point although you should check that it won't affect your credit rating.

  3. I haven't been able to comment lately, not sure why! But I'm still reading and cheering you on. Way to go on tackling #3, it takes courage to change things especially when it comes to relationships with loved ones.

  4. Oops, just revealed my real name, haha. Andrea = Andy.

  5. Good luck with getting you husband on board. But really it has to be done marriage is more about love its a financial economic unit and he has to be part of that unit if he plans to stay for the love.

  6. The number one cause of divorce is money. Facts are facts. You have grown up...he has not. He's gotta start acting like a daddy now.