Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let's Get This Show on the Road

New week starts yesterday. Last week I went $33.75 over budget. Considering that I didn't start buckling down and sticking to the new budget until half way through last week I think I didn't do so terribly awful.

This week I'm focused. I really need to start paying attention again to the little things. When I pick up groceries the budget busters tend to be the few extra things that cost a few extra dollars which didn't need to be spent. I also need to jot down my spending and balance the checkbook everyday. This one simple act is really what keeps me in balance with this whole financial game. It's rough getting back into it but the hiatus was long enough!

If I can end this week with a balanced budget (which hasn't happened in a very long time) I will be a VERY happy camper. (I love how many expressions I throw in while blogging. I wonder if I use just as many in speech.)

Goal number three: Get husband on board budget, has been just sitting there on the right side bar list of goals untouched since the very beginning. This week I'm going to put a little extra effort into goal number three. I'm not going to hound him. I'm not going to pester him but I'm going to gently guide him to spend a bit less money then he's been spending. I need to put more effort into making sure he knows what our budget is. He doesn't want to know but I can at least do the work and get it on paper in front of him for him to peruse at his discretion. I need to get him spending cash so he doesn't free for all it with the bank card. I need to check up on him and make sure the cash isn't being spent all in one day. I tend to steer away from giving him cash because that's what he tends to do. We all know it (as much as I'm in denial about it) if I can't get him to spend a bit less then I'm not going to reach my savings goal for the maternity leave.

I've got some work cut out for me this week but I'm ready.


  1. How do you record your checkbook? I was using the paper register that you get with the checks, but it wasn't convenient for me. I started using a spreadsheet that I found online. I keep it open on my computer and it's much easier for me to record purchases, since I'm always at my computer. And it calculates it all up for me. Have you tried something like that?

  2. I am hoping that I can get into a better routine of writing down my spending and balancing my checkbook. I am terrible at it! Good luck this week!

  3. If you can get hubby on board it'll make your life much easier I'm sure!! Good luck! :)

  4. I need to get my BF on board also! He just leaves everything up to me and it's not good.