Thursday, July 11, 2013


Sitting on the couch watching chopped while my husband "naps" (right before bedtime) directly next to me. The sun has been shining warm and bright all day over the plethora of wildflowers filling the fields and is just beginning it's dramatic decent into Lake Michigan. My son is down for the night (okay, there will be at least one waking) and I'm about ready to snuggle in under the covers. It's been a good day; calm, A-okay.

Even so I have been thinking about money, about not spending money all day. My husband's paycheck was a nice size with the holiday pay and overtime but unfortunately the extra only affords us the ability to pay bills on time this month (rather than late). Money is still way tight. I'm not planning for any NO SPEND days this week. Instead I've $70 to spend and I intend to purchase as little as possible as each day progresses. I'm afraid that while planning for NO SPENDs I pick up a few extra things that we "might" run out of or "might" need.
This week: daily essentials only.

I spent $4.50 today and only $3.34 yesterday. My average daily spending for July is down to $12.25. That's encouraging at least. I think I'm almost ready to jump into the Dave Ramsey plan. So my current baby steps look like sticking to a tight budget (obviously) and building that $1000 emergency fund back up.

Baby step, baby step, baby step; weee!
Time for bed.

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  1. Really awesome daily average spending stat!
    Rooting for you for the $70 week.