Monday, July 1, 2013

Let the Explosions Begin

It is July.

On the downside I had to borrow some money from my sister. Either that or take out a crazy huge cash advance. And Independence day is quickly approaching which means I won't be getting much sleep for awhile (my neighbors get CRAZY with fireworks). Lack of sleep makes it seem like the sky is falling, doom and gloom and more doom. And of course the fireworks make is sound like the sky is falling. I have grown to HATE fireworks with a passion.

On the upside my sister is really sweet and I can finally rest assured that my bank account will not be in the negative all month (I know they don't allow that). We just switched our cable/phone/internet provider and will be saving $25 a month with that. It looks like my husband will be using his remaining vacation days for this year during his two days off each week (Until the end of August when his vacation renews). That should catch up the loss in hours I've been experiencing at work pretty fast. Seriously finances and me are like a roller coaster: wee, I'm doing great... woooah, where did all our income go...

I'm having one of those back to basics moments. There are all these little things that I've let slip since my income has dropped some. I really need to focus, focus, FOCUS!

For July
I want to get some money into the emergency fund. I don't care if it's $10, I just want to put something in there.
I want to pay ALL of our bills on time. I've been paying them all but I've also been paying them all late. Not this month!
I want to use cash to pay for things... not sure when I stopped doing this but it's really imperative to sticking to budget.
I want to at least remind my husband regularly to stick to his spending cash.
I want to stick to the budget. I've written up a zero based budget for the month. I'm expecting some extra with my husband's vacation days but I plan to split that between paying back my sister and getting some cash into the emergency fund. Sticking to the budget will just take work, planning, and determination.

Lets get to work!

Today's lovely: I passed by a lemonade stand with three little kids at it. Its not too often that you see lemonade stands anymore with the FDA outlawing them and what not... I'm not sure about Michigan laws but I do know many of our laws are more strict than other states. It was a truly refreshing sight. I so wish I had stopped. I might check back tomorrow and see if they're still there. Lovely!

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  1. A savings of $25 a month (from the phone bill) is great!
    I also think that putting something, anything, in the emergency fund is a very good idea.
    OK, let's go to work! :)