Saturday, July 13, 2013


In the midst of it all there is beauty, life, and much to marvel at. I'm experiencing one of those weeks where it's invaluably important to remind myself that there's more than all of this.

Once it chanced that I stood in the very abutment of a rainbow's arch, which filled the lower stratum of the atmosphere, tinging the grass and leaves around, and dazzling me as if I looked through colored crystal. It was a lake of rainbow light, in which, for a short while, I lived like a dolphin. If it had lasted longer it might have tinged my employments and life.
-Thoreau (from Walden)

My question to you and to myself today is when was the last time you were a dolphin? When was the last time the simplest moment transformed you? When was the last time that life was new, vivid, and made you feel exhilarated to be alive? I don't believe these moments are rare as they may seem and I don't think we have to go searching for them we just have to remember to look.

The truly beautiful things cannot be had but experienced and those things are always free.


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    1. Thank-you. I guess I don't really understand the donate button. It's hard for me to figure out why someone would donate to (me) my blog.

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    I think you should leave it up. Heaps of bloggers have a donate button. Remember you the service you are doing for others: producing an inspiring blog, providing insights into a family on the other side of the globe, producing inspiring little pieces about the little (non material) things in life while educating people about money.

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