Friday, July 19, 2013

I Hope it Makes a Difference in Their Lives

Not to long ago I heard a news story about a car dealership owner who retired. He was known to be a good kind man. He had a retirement party at which he handed each of his employees an envelope. When the envelopes were opened all 89 employees found $1000 for each year they'd worked for him in their envelopes. One of the employees, a man who drives the parts van, had worked for the company for 28 years. You do the math.

I've been reminded of this story lately as I've been concentrating ALOT on my spending and debt payoff. I listen to the news regularly so I hear tons of depressing things but this is one of the happier stories I've ever heard. I personally do not desire riches. I don't need a bigger nicer house or a brand new car. But when I think of what I'd really like to do once I'm financially free, once my money is actually my own, this story certainly comes to mind. I don't ever intend to hand 89 people thousands and thousands of dollars (oh, what a fairy tale story) but it sure would be nice to do something like that for just one person one day.

I think I might start a financial freedom wish list. Something like this awesome gift of generousity would be the first thing on it. Then maybe a trip to Sweden. I wonder, what would top off your financial freedom wish list? Now that certainly is a thing to ponder.
I wanted to thank my employees and that was a way I could do it. I hope it makes a difference in their lives like they have made in mine.-Howard Cooper
Today was accidental NO SPEND day 44. I forgot to bring my wallet to work. I was going to buy some food for dinner but we had eggs and potatoes instead.

Average daily spending for July: $11.74


  1. I havent really thought about it like that. Yeah, I'd love to pay off the car loan and the mortage, but then what? What am I wanting to do with the money I have? Something for me to ponder...

  2. "Accidental no spend" :D, awesome, congratulations!
    That is a really neat story.
    Sweden is here an waiting :)
    Oh, my dream is to take my whole family to some tropcial place for a week or two, or maybe "just" rent a big house with a pool in Italy or Spain somewhere and bring everyone there for a week.

  3. That is very nice of the owner. People would be surprised but I know of several dealership owners (I value businesses so I come in contact with many of them) who are very generous. Most of them work for free at their business just because they love their employees.