Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pit Stops and Victory Dances

I'll tell you what, last week was tough! This week I've been sticking to the budget pretty well. Today I didn't spend any money. It is definitely not easy following a plan. We just had to replace the breaks on the car. My husband changed them himself but the total cost still ended up being over $100. Even so I didn't have to break out a credit card. We didn't go into overdraft. I didn't have to borrow money from anyone. Maybe that's $100+ that I won't be putting into the emergency fund or paying towards debt but I'm surprisingly giddy about this little set back. In truth if I hadn't been trying so hard to stick to my super tight budget these past few weeks then we would not have been able to afford the car repair. The sense of accomplishment I feel after a tough week of penny pinching is great. Being able to afford a car repair with cash is like the cherry on top.

Victory dance!!!