Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Rewarded Myself With Rhubarb Pie

A friend of ours brought over a ton of rhubarb last night that she picked from her Grandmother's garden. Just so happens that even though we're out of practically everything I still had the flour, butter, sugar, and one egg that I needed to throw together my first ever rhubarb pie. Talk about icing on the cake. I made it through the week successfully and I came out with a super yummy pie!

Thank-you all for the kind comments! You do really encourage me to push through during tough times like these when we're down to the penny and it'd be SO so so SO much easier to just swipe a credit card. Ya all rock!


  1. I'm really curious about your grocery shopping! Do you do small bits during the week keeping within the $10 budget, or do you allow for one big shop? I knocked mine down from $150 to $90 this week, and thats only for two of us!

  2. :D How cool about the pie and having all the ingredients at home! Love that.

  3. Work it girl, u rock:-D Ireland

  4. My mother used to make Rhubarb pie, bless her soul.

    Looks awesome, yum!