Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Debt Quote Tuesday/ I Just About Bought the Butterfinger

But I didn't.
NO SPEND day 36 is in the books!
The greatest part of our happiness depends on our dispositions, not our circumstances.
-Martha Washington
I'm feeling good about July. For some reason I like that it's only 64 degrees outside and raining... possibly just because I feel that it may prohibit my neighbors from their firework shenanigans this evening. I feel as though we're going to catch up some in the finances this month. I'm ready to buckle down, get back on track, and brush myself off from my fall back. I'm feeling that 40 days of lost spending isn't too horrible. I'm looking forward to family time this weekend. I'm from an Irish Catholic family (my dad's side). There are ALOT of us and it will be great to see everyone. 88 people to be exact, if everyone were to show up. Maybe it was 83. I'm bad with numbers. If only my Great Grandparents were still here to see what the two of them contributed to this world. I don't know how my Aunt intends to feed us all though. I'm certain there were other motivating factors to why July looks promising but I'm sitting here listening to the rain tapping on the windows and I've lost track of my thoughts.

Wishing everyone a spectacular 7th month of 2013! The years seem to fly by faster and faster as time progresses but we're only half way through this one... I'll just pretend it's moving along slowly.

Today's lovely: My son's smile upon walking in the front door after work. He's such a tremendous blessing and just melts my heart every single time I look at him.

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