Friday, May 1, 2015

Free Fun. Installment number... eh, who knows.

For full disclosures sake I am in the worst shape of my life. Well, except for maybe middle school. I was horribly out of shape in middle school. The other day little Abe told me that he wanted to go to the beach and walk around in the sand with no shoes. Today I decided to fulfill his wish.

We headed to the beach with a cheap mini football (I think we got it from the dollar store) and our two selves. First we took a good long walk up and down the shore. We looked at little rocks and bits of shells, and sadly a lot of junk. The beach is still wintered so there were neat hills, mini sand dunes if I may, up and down the length of it. They were fun to climb and push sand down. There was also a smallish bulldozer flattening out the beach and getting rid of the mini sand dunes. If nothing else it was kind of fun to watch. But as well, along the half of the beach it had finished flattening their were huge bulldzoer wheel indents and triangle shaped hills of sand with peaks that were really fun for little Abe to hop over.

After our long hoppity walk along the sand we started throwing the football to each other which very quickly evolved into one of us throwing the football off in the distance and then the both of us frantically chasing it, tumbling down on top of each other when we reached it, getting sand stuck to every place one can get sand stuck to along one's body, and then laughing hysterically. We played this very silly game for close to an hour (maybe longer). I don't know that we've ever had so much fun. I don't know that I'm going to be able to walk tomorrow (my legs feel like jello). My kid is going to sleep fabulously tonight! It was completely free fun, completely effective exercise for this very out of shape momma, and such incredible bonding time too.

Free fun: head outside and enjoy each other!

One funny bit: we were sitting in the sand together. He was trying to make a sand castle. I had my feet under the sand. Um, pretty normal for sitting on a huge sandy beach. He accidentally grabbed my big toe, started to say, "what is this rock..." and then when I moved my toe he almost peed himself, jumped with a terrible fright and then started laughing uncontrollably as he very quickly realized it was my foot. Through his laughter, almost accompanied by happy silly tears he said, "I thought it was a snake." And then just kept laughing and laughing. I think all the other folks enjoying a quite evening on the beach (not a lot of people being only the first day of May) thought we had lost our minds.


  1. What a fun & fabulous day!!! I TOTALLY get the out of shape thing - I'm worried about all the walking we will be doing on our vacation - especially with the arthritis!!!

    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous - I am assuming you took them?? I love the one with the bird prints and shell/ are extremely talented!!!

    1. Oh, I bet you'll be having such a good time you won't hardly notice the walking, well, until the evening that is :)

      Thanks. I took those photos probably three years ago, at the same beach though. Those are seagull foot prints. While we were at the beach today I thought a few time, gee I wish I brought my camera. But the truth is that cameras and sand don't go together all that well so I left it home on purpose today.

  2. Toe rock. I can just hear him retelling this story and laughing again as he does.

    1. I keep laughing about it even now when I think about it. It was so funny!