Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekend gardening

Remember this little guy, just peeking his head out from the soil, ready to feel the sun on his green leaves and get to grow, grow, growing?

It's been exactly a month since I put the tomato seeds in dirt (pardon my enthusiasm but this is the first time I've grown plants from seeds since elementary school) and my lovely tomato plants are now in the yard. I put them in yesterday and they survived the night; I know, protective mother much? I really did rush outside this morning hoping to see my small plants happy and hearty and comfortable in their new spots, out of doors after their first night outside. (I know, I'm not going to deal well with my son moving out of the house some day).

I also lengthened this bed to make room for bean plants and planted the beans. Putting the tomatoes and beans in the yard checks two things off of my weekend to-do list. Little Abe and I have also worked on the pinata several times today so that makes a third thing that should get checked off the list. We're planning to paint it tomorrow.

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.04
Today was no spend day 44 for the year.


  1. They look fantastic!!! You'll be eating salsa in no time!!! I have a feeling pretty soon we are going to hear you want to try canning :)

    I have several lists going since we are leaving on vacation and today DEFINITELY wasn't a no spend since we took the car in to be serviced for our trip & got our car snacks and my dramamine :)

    1. Ah, this might just be the year to have a go at canning :)
      SOOO excited for your trip!