Friday, May 15, 2015

Weekend to-do list; Clearing up some space in my head

The man whom I married bought me beautiful roses and other lovely bouquets of flowers while we were dating. Of course he informed me after we were married that he thinks purchasing flowers is ridiculous "because they just die." The man actually dislikes flowers. He's admitted to this. (just one of his many wonderful quirks) Geesh, this could have been a deal breaker.

Twelve years into our marriage I'm pretty sure he's bought me flowers once, maybe twice before this mother's day when he came home with these yellow mums. He insisted that they are not from him since he "does not like, or give flowers." He had my wonderful son present them to me. I actually cried, because 1.) my husband doesn't give me flowers but I love them so much and I was very touched and 2.) my son was SOOOOOOOO excited to give me this gift. (well jokes on you honey dear; these flowers won't die because they are potted and I can plant them in the yard, LOL!) The other beautiful bunches I JUST cut from our back yard. I'll just say I'm very happy with my kitchen right now. VERY!

Moving on. I have been overwhelmed as of late, partly due to work, partly due to the weather (cold, cold, cold), partly due to a million other things I shall not even attempt to list. This weekend I've resolved to clear up some space in my head and hopefully help my mood by making and checking things off a to-do list comprised of tasks I've been letting fall by the way side but the wayside is memo-ing my brain every few minutes throughout the day that these things need tending to. Time to tend and cheer up!

  1. Make dandelion hand salve. (the biscuits pictured about are a part of this task... I'll explain later)
  2. Send the last few remaining give-away items to Cindy. Yep, it's almost been a month and there are a few items not yet sent out.
  3. Deliver my sister's birthday present to her. (her birthday was the beginning of LAST month but to be fair she was in Guatemala over her birthday)
  4. Deliver my niece's birthday present. (closer than my sister's but getting rather late and she was not in Guatemala)
  5. Pay the dentist bill. (much more late than my sister's birthday present)
  6. Get the tomato plants in the ground.
  7. Dig up the spot for the beans, yeah, and plant those too.
  8. Finish up the pinata with little Abe that we started... a very long time ago.
  9. Mail out two things I've been meaning to for ages but alas, have not.
  10. Plant some flower seeds.
  11. Back up six more months of photos onto discs.
   12. Pack away little Abe's clothes that no longer fit. (I'm amazed at how many times one needs to do this in the lifetime of a three year old)

Yes folks, these are the sort of things that slowly drive me insane.


  1. Looks like your hubby & I would get along well - my husband KNOWS better than to buy me veggie plants or something I'm fine with, but not cut flowers :)

    You have a plan, you wrote it down, it will happen ;)

    1. that is so great! I cannot believe you don't like cut flowers. Haha! my husband threw a surprise birthday party for me when we were still dating. would you believe that almost every single person who attended brought me a bouquet of flowers? It was amazing. I don't remember ever broadcasting that I love flowers and yet all my friends gave me flowers for my birthday. You'd think that alone would have left enough of an impression on my husband... nope. At least I got some beautiful mums from him this year :)

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! How thoughtful of your husband.... I mean your son. ;)

    1. Haha, right! Thank-you. The ones from the yard smell so amazing too! Ahh.

  3. You're my kind of gal, Rivulet! I always say that no matter how little I have I will always buy myself a bunch of flowers. They are fundamental to my being "me"!

    1. A woman who gets it! Fabulous : )
      I feel the same way but I don't ever buy me flowers. I will when the debt is gone. I know I will. I'll buy roses for myself at least once a month. It's already planned.