Saturday, May 30, 2015

No Spend Day 47; Shopping Extravaganza!

Today has been the very best kind of no spend day, the kind where I don't spend a single penny but still come home with a bunch of stuff.

Little Abe and I ventured out after breakfast. First stop the craft store. I promised one of my beautiful nieces a starfish pillow ages ago. One of her aspirations in life is to become a marine biologist thus she has an adorable sea themed bedroom (it's done very trendy/ classy, not little kid cute). I haven't started the pillow due to some serious procrastination issues and not having spare change to purchase supplies. My niece reminded me of my promise last weekend and I knew I needed to get on it. Quite fortunately a dear friend of mine had given me a gift card to a craft store for my birthday. Ta-da: pillow supplies and no money spent. And SERIOUSLY can you believe that fabric?!?!?! It's perfect!

Next stop: the grocery store. I know, I spend far too much time at the store but Little Abe and I were making an adventure out of not spending money while acquiring things this morning. We needed milk, and I had to return deposit bottles in order to accomplish the next no spend stop on our tour. I had a $10 store reward to use at the store, hence the milk, carrots, peanut butter, and B1G1 free goldfish. We also returned two small bags of deposit bottles so that instead of spending money at the store we got groceries and money back.

With the bottle deposit money we headed to Tim Hortons to sit down and enjoy two donuts together and a small cup of coffee for me. We could have easily gotten donuts from the grocery store but there's something special about making a stop at "the donut shop," sitting together at the little diner style table, and giggling together while we enjoy our special sugary treats. We've only been to Tim Horton's once before to enjoy a donut together. It really does feel special. There's sort of a novelty about it since it's a rare outing.

We stopped at Grammy and Papa's house for a very quick visit on the way home and now it's just about nap time. And I've a pillow to start sewing.

Average daily spending for 2015: $17.88

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