Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I just spent $30 on toilet paper and I'm actually a little giddy about it. What has happened to me?

If you were to look back through this blog you'd find that I mention many times that toilet paper is my very least favorite item to purchase. I hate buying toilet paper. I'm not prepared to use re-usable wipes (cloth wipes) and toilet paper is certainly a necessity but it's such an absolutely unappealing purchase for me. I feel like I'm just throwing money down the toilet every time I have to buy it.

The particular TP that I've finally settled upon that is my very favorite, Charmin basic, is on sale this week for $1 off; $10.99 for a 24 pack at the main store I shop in. If you spend $40 or more on this particular item (there are other items included in this sale but the TP is all I was interested in) then you get an instant $10 off. I had a $1 digital coupon too (only able to use once and only on one of the four packs) and when I spent $40 on paper products (TP included) I earned a $5 store reward.

I just spent $30 (that includes tax and minus the $5 store reward I earned) on 96 rolls of toilet paper and saved $20.84. I sure hate buying toilet paper but somehow saving $20.84 on it has made this quite an enjoyable purchase. I will say I did notice a few people at the store giving me odd looks for having a cart FILLED with only toilet paper but they obviously didn't know what I did. Your loss folks.

I have some toilet paper stocked up still from the last good deal I found on it so we might just have enough toilet paper to last for the rest of the year now. Oh, now that makes me giddy!!!


  1. That is a FANTASTIC deal!!! I am with you - I hate, hate, hate paying money for something you literally throw down the toilet, but am also with you - not willing to use the alternative! The one thing I have found lately is if you buy cheap toilet paper....you get cheap sandpaper....oh, I mean toilet paper!!!

    1. I spent forever trying to find a bargain TP that I actually like. I'm very happy with the Charmin basic. It's a cheaper paper but its not sandpaper. My mother in law buys sandpaper, oh, I mean cheap toilet paper. Ugh! Horrible!!!