Sunday, May 3, 2015

May I just eat at home please

Today was fun. Lots of yard work. A birthday celebration. And then... we went out to eat. Gah! I'd actually rather eat at home in almost all circumstances now a days. What has happened to me?!?!?! This was an after the birthday celebration family dinner for my husband's nephew where we all went out to eat but everyone paid for their own meal. I have NO problem with that, just would have rather not gone out to eat. I know, call me a scrooge; most food out is honestly not worth the price to me any longer but I'll chalk this one up to paying more for the experience and the time together for the cousins then to paying for the greasy burgers.

Average daily spending for 2015: 18.05

The cupcake isn't from the burger joint. I made a plain yellow cake cupcake from my go to recipe book this evening just for a little treat. Instead of frosting little Abe and I each topped our cupcake with a sprinkling of fresh cut strawberries. I guess you can call this strawberry shortcupcakes?

I hope everyone is looking towards a wonderful first week of May!


  1. I am starting to turn to the dark side on eating out too....we went to Olive Garden with some friend's over the weekend and the meal was ok....certainly not worth $50!!! My problem is I hate to cook, so if I could have someone MAKE my meals at home.....:)

    That strawberry short-cupcake looks fantastic!!! I went to the Farmer's Market over the weekend and got a great deal on a half-flat of strawberries so froze half of them and then found a recipe for strawberry-banana (also in freezer) muffins which I may try soon!!!

    1. That's totally how I feel too. It's not that the food out is bad (generally) but worth the money I had to pay for it? Almost always no. Maybe you could add up all your not eating out savings and hire a cook for a few times a week :)

      Yay for the farmer's market strawberries! I love fresh produce. Our strawberry plants are looking SO great right now. I hope, hope, hope we get a TON of fruit off of them this year.

  2. I'm telling you, these strawberries from Watsonville (maybe 2 hours away) are the best strawberries I've every had - it is like eating a piece of candy!

    1. YUM! You're making me want some strawberries now and we ate all the ones we had yesterday.
      The ones we grew last year were not the best strawberries ever. They were tiny. They were sweet but a little tart. BUT in their own special way they were the best strawberries ever because we grew them, they were right in our own back yard, and we got to go out and pick them everyday while we were playing back there. I'm very happy for them to return again this year (I mean, you couldn't tell that already, right? LOL)