Monday, January 30, 2017

February Plans (Just slow down mommy)

Okay, not really plans. This is a goals post.
I'm hoping to fill February with new. New places, new food, new activities, new hobbies, new crafts, new books, new words... okay, I could probably just keep typing forever. My goal for what always seems like the coldest month of the year is all-things-new; to add some spice to the winter.

I actually have a three point checklist of things to focus on this month. Each day this month I'd like to ask:

  1. Did I experience something new today? What was it? (February focus)
  2. Did I laugh today? What made me laugh? (January focus)
  3. Did I rush my son? Do either of us seem less stressed? (Something I want to work on)
As far as question number three is concerned I've noticed that I'm regularly telling my kiddo to "hurry up." Regularly, like A LOT. I'm seemingly always rushing him along. In noticing this I've realized that A.) I have very little patience and B.) I'm teaching my kid to always be rushing. He definitely operates on his own timeline (as all children do) but when I really stop and observe his timeline I actually like it more than mine. His way of doing things includes more fun, more savoring, more joy, and quite frankly I don't want to "instruct" any of that out of my four year old.

In February along with noticing laughter, and focusing on new, I want to just slow down. I think I might actually like February this year.


  1. I've been reading a long time but I'm a complete lurker - and I have really nosy question so obviously feel free to ignore!!

    Are you planning on having more kids or are you one and done? I ask because I'm pregnant now with a little boy and we're 99.5% sure we only want one. Every single person I know with kids has at least two. If you're only having one, do you have any regrets? Any special considerations? Advice?

    Thanks, and so sorry for the nosiness!


    1. Congratulations on the pregnancy!

      I don't feel your question is nosy at all. I would honestly love to have more children but I guess only time can tell. If my son ends up an only child I hope I will have no regrets. Looking into the future I think my biggest regret (only for lack of a better word) would be that he never had a brother or sister, that he was never able to be a brother. I really would like him to have siblings to grow up with. I'm sure a long way down the road I'd be a little sad that he'd never have nieces or nephews, he'd never be an uncle. I think I would be a little sad for all those reasons.

      As much as I would love more children though if little Abe is always an only child I will forever be grateful for him, for the enormous blessing that he is and I don't think I will ever mourn children I never had.

      I will always try and take advantage of his only child status. He gets all of our attention. Honestly we can devote more resources and time to him since he is our only. That's just a simple fact and I will try to always fully embrace that it's just him and us, as long as it stays that way.

  2. I love your focus on something different each month. February is usually the worst month for me, thankfully it is the shortest. I am going to have to ponder what I would like to concentrate on for Feb.

    1. Thanks! I think a month is long enough to focus on something... okay, actually a month of focusing on something is probably about how long of an attention span I have for these sort of things.
      Normally, February... YUCK! I feel better about this year though. So, so far so good!