Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Numbers Are In

This is the first real "Numbers are in" post I've done in a long time. Spending was pretty high this month BUT at least I accomplished my goal of tracking it all again.

Food grocery spending was a bit higher than normal (we tend to average $12 a day). There certainly wasn't any food stocking up done but I think we ate a bit healthier than normal. That always raises costs a bit especially when I have to factor in my husband randomly bringing home healthy items here and there that cost a pretty penny. Ugh, he does not know how to be frugal!

I don't think we did bad at all in the food out category.

The pets category consisted of one bag of dog food (with a free one in tow). Since I don't include medical in the average daily spending I have NOT been tracking our eldest dog's insulin and syringes expenses here.

I did some stocking up in the toiletries and cleaning categories. The stock up does raise spending for this month but will help in months to come.

And I had to buy new pants for work (in the clothing category) and I picked up a few really good deals on clothes for the kiddo.

Food Groceries $397.27: an average of $12.82 a day
Food out $73.76: an average of $2.38

Pets $29.15: an average of 94 cents a day
Stuff $12.93: an average of 42 cents a day
Toiletries $24.93: an average of 80 cents a day
Clothing $36.87: an average of $1.19 a day
Cleaning and house supplies $65.78: an average of $2.12 a day

Average daily spending for 2017: $20.67

It was a pretty good month here at the $12 a day household but goodness it was an expensive one (more like $21 a day) and it's pretty hard to believe that it'll be February already tomorrow. Wow!


  1. It takes a lot of discipline to track spending across the various categories. I think your doing splendidly.

    1. Thanks. It shouldn't be I suppose but it's amazing how much more wisely I spend when I am tracking everything.