Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Midweek spending rundown

Last few days spending rundown

I spent the $11 store reward on Christmas clearance:
Two bottles of soft soap with snowmen on the bottle
Two rolls of wrapping paper
One bag of bows
Two Christmas crafts for Abe to do next year

The total savings on the above items was $24 and I used the $11 reward making them free.

I also picked up two boxes of cake mix and two containers of frosting on Christmas clearance originally $5.68; I paid $1.64. Normally I don't buy frosting or cake mix but I couldn't pass it up. Little Abe and I will make one set soon-ish to bring to my moms. The cake mix has red and green sprinkles in it so I'll save the second set to make at St. Patrick's day, for St. Patrick's day cupcakes.

I spent $11.12 on groceries yesterday.

My husband spent $7.99 on two turkey breasts today. (He's insane and I can't believe he spent so much money on basically two meals) Normally I don't include my husband's spending in the average daily spend BUT the meat is totally a regular grocery item and our dinner so I can't not include it.

That brings our total spending so far this week/ year to $73.70.

Average daily spending for 2017: $18.42

Tonight I think I'm going to run out and return deposit bottles and pick up eggs and maybe milk. I guess it will depend on how many bottles I can scrounge up.


  1. That's the spirit, Rivulet. Brilliant!

  2. Aarrgh! I fight the same grocery battle with TheHub, except he buys snack junk and deli sliced cheese. Why? don't know especialyl since I have several packs of Aldi block cheese at 1.49 for 8 oz, and I have a cheese slicer.

    1. My husband has a penchant for buying gourmet tortilla chips, salsa, and pickles. Since these are food items he brings home I'd normally include them in the daily average but I don't anymore since he basically eats them all by himself and he spends way too much on the trio.

      But when he bring home real grocery items (you know, aside from chips, salsa, and pickles I can't believe how much he pays for the stuff. Gah!

  3. Happy to see you back on the tracking - nice work! I find that even the idea that I'll be tracking saves me from at least some purchases.

    1. Me too! Keeping track is essential to me for keeping spending down. Setting goals, making plans, and sticking to the budget are important but just keeping track is a key factor.