Saturday, January 28, 2017

January Goals

The new year is already aging. The month of January is drawing to a close even though I'm not so sure I've accepted that it's 2017 already and not still 2016. My goal for the month/ first of twelve new year's resolutions was simply to laugh more. What a neat and enriching goal it's been. 

The list I compiled for ways to focus on laughter and to try and laugh more was as follows:
  1. Read funny stories, funny poems. We've read funny stories each day. I'm really enjoying this part of the goal.
  2. Watch funny movies. Not many were watched but this did add laughter to the month.
  3. Tickle regularly. I might have tickled little Abe less than normal but there was still tickling and giggles and this is towards the top of things that cause laughter in my life.
  4. Tell jokes. Little Abe's jokes don't really make sense but I still laugh. I tell him jokes that I think are funny and he doesn't get them and doesn't laugh. This wasn't a very effective strategy for laughter.
  5. Discover/ sing silly songs. Or sing normal songs in a silly way... either way we laughed.
  6. Document on the blog one moment of laughter each day. I thought I'd blogged a bit too much about funny things and backed off. I probably could have kept it up though just for my own pleasure. It's funny how sometimes we forget to use our blogs for ourselves, when at least for me, that's why I blog in the first place.
  7. Remind myself to laugh. I totally did this and as silly as it is and as odd as it felt it was a good practice. I laugh in my head so often that I miss the physical benefit of laughing out loud. I did remind myself to laugh throughout the month. Who would have ever thought that laughing is something you can practice/ get better at.
  8. Take photos of laughter. I was looking forward to this idea a lot but my camera is on it's way out, like not working properly at all and I basically took no photos this month.
  9. Make time to be less serious. I think I did this, less intentionally but still I did it.
  10. Read a book about laughter. I read two books containing at least bits about laughter.

I've pretty much already noted the results of this goal. I feel that noticing laughter all month was incredibly enriching and impactful. This January, a very gloomy, very cold, usually somewhat heavy feeling month was filled with much more joy then I'm used to. I seemed to delight in little things (something I strive to do) much more regularly and easily then I generally do in the midst of winter. Normally by now winter depression is beginning to set in and I'm starting to fearfully dread February's arrival. I'm not scared of February this year. I'm kind of looking forward to it. Haha, I feel like something is wrong with me.

In conclusion January's goal was a big fat success.


  1. I love that goal, an dI love that you crushed it. January is such a long, hard month for so many of us. what better to dive into the new year with a a good smile and a laugh.

    1. It honestly turned out much more enriching then I'd hoped. It really was the perfect way to start off the new year (and break up the cold dark winter).

  2. I'm going to need to adopt some of these - I need more laughter in my life. :-)

    I stress baked today. Not sure it will help my waistline, but oh. . . homemade sugar cookies. Who can resist? :-)

    1. I know stress baking! I hope you've been able to overcome some of the stress. I know it's something that's not really going away but I hope you're able to find peace in the midst of the storm. Sugar cookies surely helped :)

      For sure focusing on laughter lifted my spirits a lot.