Thursday, January 5, 2017

Why do all the hangers need to match?

This is what results when I end up stocking hangers at work, contemplating why there are so many different options of hangers to purchase, and then feel an overwhelming desire to buy all new hangers for the closets in my home.

Why do all hangers need to match?
Does clothing get offended or feel neglected due to hanger inequality?
Do coats and jackets organize a strike
When closets are stocked with hangers of different color and size? 
Why are there decorative pillows for every season and holiday?
Are sofas across America all sobbing and writhing in pain,
"Give us variety! Give us change!
We need to be trendy! We have statements to make!" 
Why do decorative storage bins even exist?
Yet store shelves are stocked with every size, design, color and pattern there is.
Do items being stowed, stored, and stocked away need validation from fancy containers?
Does stuff begin to feel self conscious when packed away? 
Money. Marketing.
Economic growth.
Fiscal brain washing.
Better. Newer. Trendier please.
Updated. Renovated. Anything to put egos at ease. 
No! The madness must stop.
I can no longer take this.
Get out of my head.
I refuse to buy new hangers.
I'm using old mismatched ones instead.


  1. To be honest here, I can store my junk in any container. I don't care if the storage inspectors come and see Christmas stuff stored in a non-official holiday container or not. BUT. . . once I found the velvet flocked hangers it was all over for me. I bought a pack of fifty thinking it would be enough for my duds (I am not a clothes horse) then TheHub discovered them and started using my stash (He is a clothes horse and occupies 3/4 of our walk-in) I have since decreed only velvet hangers, suit hangers (his) and pants hangers (his) are allowed. I don;t know if the clothes care but I do.

    1. I've stocked those too. Haha! It's hilarious that your husband started using them once he found them.

      I totally get what you're saying, that you care about the hangers. Honestly a small part of me does too, but why? That's my biggest question. I'm not talking about buying velvet hangers. I imagine they kind of hold your clothes in place a little and they'd probably be a bit gentler on clothing too. I can see how that'd be nice. I'm just contemplating buying uniform hangers, maybe all plastic white ones or having all wooden ones in our front closet. BUT here's the point of my odd poem, matching hangers are completely non-essential. I only want them for some sort of uniformity, everything would look a little better (by a societal standard), total luxury. I don't need them. Right now there are a million other things that are higher on the need list so why do I even let that little voice inside my head, "matching hangers would be so nice." No! They'd be a waste of money (for me). The poem is for me, where I'm at, in my financial walk. You know?

    2. Trust me, I understand, and every other closet my house has hangers of every imaginable color, size, material (except wire, I get a little Joan Crawfordish with wire hangers) And the velvet ones really do keep the clothes on the hanger better and don't leave shoulder pokey things. I cringed though every time I bought new ones. Now we have a new rue for TheHub. Every time he buys something new, something has to go out because I am not buying any more hangers.

  2. Be a rebel! lolz

    I am contemplating dragging out my "new year's, we don't have an organizing problem, we have a stuff problem" post.

    1. :)
      I've been expecting it to re-appear soon.

    2. Exactly! Stuff caused the head games. If I own 50% less a year from now, 2017 will be a success.

    3. I did not agree with A LOT of it but have you read the super popular, "Life changing magic of tidying up"? One thing I did really like about it (among other things) was how she explained that you should go through your items in groups. Like first go through all of your books. Gather every book in your house and keep the ones you want and get rid of the rest. Then the remaining books get a permanent home. She suggests you go through everything that way. I hadn't approached clutter that way before and it was a neat new concept for me.

  3. Mismatched works for me!
    practical parsimony

    1. It works for me too. It works great and yet at times I get this little voice in my head that I need to waste money on new hangers that are totally NOT essential (especially right now). Nope. Not going to do it.

  4. I do have all plastic hangers. My hubby won't use a plastic hanger that has the lityle notches in the top though. I'm not particular about my hangers but I very much dislike wire hangers.