Saturday, January 7, 2017

First week behind us (Spending update)

This felt like a really expensive week. I had to purchase dog food yesterday BUT it was the 12th bag in the Buy 12 get 1 free cycle so I picked up a second bag for free. Our food groceries spending averaged out to $10.44 a day but I spent an additional $12.88 on cleaning and household supplies (Rite-Aid purchase not tallied here). 

Not included in the average daily spending (because I don't include "education" type spending) are the swimming and gymnastics classes I signed Abe up for at the YMCA. Yikes! Expensive but worth it.

Also, I FINALLY signed up for Rite-Aid's plenti points program and placed two orders online (with free shipping). I spent $44.93 on various toiletries and $32.05 on laundry detergent. I earned two $20 rewards and used one. Thus I'm deducting the $20 from toiletries which now come in at $24.93. Everything purchased from Rite-Aid was on sale so including the $20 in plenti points that I used, my savings rate was around 60% for the two purchases combined. I'm pretty happy with a 60% savings rate.

Food groceries: $73.08
Cleaning and household supplies: $44.93
including: Trash bags
Index cards
LOTS of laundry Detergent
Light bulbs
Toiletries: $24.93
dog food: $29.15
(free bag)

Total for week one of 2017: $172.09

Average daily spending for 2017: $24.58

This was definitely an expensive first week but I did some pretty good stocking up (not on food) and got some pretty great deals.


  1. I think your post reflects why I have my budget as a weekly one, but I really spread it over the whole month. Some weeks the good deals just need to be bought!

  2. I do enjoy reading your spending posts! I love seeing how you spin out your resources and admire your determination.

  3. Ditto Anne. Some weeks I just stock up. Yesterday I bought enough ziplock bags to hopefully last us through the next 6 months. They were on sale. But, if I look at the spending on a weekly level, my house budget will be shot to heck. Sounds like you got some good deals!

  4. I have a weekly budget too, and monthly, and I have a budget written up for the whole year. Haha, I actually budget two years out. Even though I know that past a few months is just speculation. I do the average daily spend as a check mark to see where I'm at. It helps me spend less. But stocking up on really good sales is important so I'm not afraid to have a high week due to that. It just looks bad when I report it :)