Sunday, January 1, 2017

Let the spending begin!

Last year got away from me mid year and I mean really got away from me in terms of tracking spending. When my husband and I changed jobs, woah! It turned our world upside down.

A new leaf has been turned over today (metaphorically) and I NEED to get back to good old habits. Today I made a trip to the store and bought food, garbage bags, laundry detergent, and index cards.

Groceries: $38.20
Trash bags: $4.49
Detergent: $3.49
Index cards: 62 cents
Total: $46.80

Today's trip brings this year's average daily spending to $46.80 a day. Haha, that's kind of a funny number to report for the $12 a day blog. The trip today earned an $11 store reward so I'll use that next time I shop.

Well, there it is. Hopefully I'm back on the wagon. (geesh, how many idioms can I fit into one post?)


  1. Welcome back to tracking! I spent $3.49 on potatoes today (mashed potatoes to go with our traditional steak tonight). Had I planned better & bought these yesterday, they would have been much cheaper. But, I forgot, and only one store was open. .. off to a strong start. ;-)

    1. Ahh, planning. Yeah, that's another thing that goes hand in hand with tracking (at least they work together wonderfully). I'm both excited and a little scared to get back to normal. Sounds like you guys had a great New Years day dinner :)

  2. Really glad to see you are back tracking spending. I think it helps with keeping in control. I don't normally publish my spending figures but I do track every penny. I lost control during December and feel a little sick at how much money I can't account for so I zeroed all accounts yesterday and made a fresh start. I feel a whole heap better!

    1. I'm pretty sure I'm incapable of keeping control if I'm not tracking every penny. Is it possible? It's too bad that December got away from you too but we're both off to a fresh start then.