Monday, January 2, 2017

Snickering at a Duckling

Since I'm hoping to include more laughter than usual in this month's repertoire Little Abe and I checked out some funny children's books from the library. One that was recommended by our favorite librarian* is called "The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog." It's written by Mo Willems and my son thinks it's hilarious.

The Pigeon as featured in several of Mo Willems' books finds a hot dog and is about to enjoy it when a little duckling comes along and asks what a hot dog tastes like. The Pigeon then faces the struggle of whether or not to give the hot dog to the little duckling who has never tasted one. The pigeon is very loud, expressive and does not want to share. The funniest part though is the really silly voice that I always use for the duckling. When the duckling says it's simple one liners like, "So, it doesn't taste like chicken, then?" little Abe can't help but laugh and laugh and repeat the little bird in the same silly voice.

Upon first read I'm not sure how funny either of us found the book. My son had a big smile on his face throughout but I don't remember if we laughed. We've since read it many times. The characters are growing on us. The silly duckling voice gets more amusing with each read and the Pigeon gets, dare I say more frustrated about the hot dog dilemma each time its revisited. When all is said and done the pigeon splits the hot dog in half and shares with the small duckling and the book ends with the duckling saying, "Hmmm... needs mustard."

Already this month I've learned a few things, I've learned that something that isn't so funny at first can certainly become so with a little bonding and I've learned that stubborn pigeons and tiny ducklings can be hilarious (especially when funny voices are involved).

Spending today:
m&ms and water at work $1.87
Light bulbs $4.28

2017 Average daily spending: $26.48

*Our favorite librarian doesn't know that she's our favorite librarian and just this moment I realized we should make her a card, or little Abe can draw her a picture with a note thanking her for her unique kindness and wonderful helpfulness. 


  1. Librarians are ACE! Not that I'm biased you understand, but my first career was as a librarian.

    1. :)
      That must have been such a wonderful job!