Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Christmas Time

I'm pretty sure that phrase "It's Christmas Time" is code for "throw out the budget and buy everything in sight... pretend you're on a toys r us shopping spree and figure out how to pay for it later... everyone you've ever met NEEDS some sort of gadget by the 25th of December, now figure out what you're going to give them... GO!"

I thought I was done Christmas buying a long time ago. My husband got some good overtime/ holiday pay from Thanksgiving and we only went a bit over that and it was great. Hooray, we did it! Hahaha... then Christmas got closer and closer and closer and all of the sudden there was this, and that, and the horderve for the Christmas Eve party and the gifts for the people I failed to complete making gifts for, and the thing I found for my husband that I knew he'd love. And SHOOT I still don't have a gift for her... or them, yikes. It's Christmas time!

Normally it's no big deal. Normally I try and be frugal and then I try and make up for the over spending once the New Year rolls around. Normally a few extra hundred dollars... whatever. But this year I can't stop thinking about every extra penny. This year, I actually feel poor. I wish I could give everyone I know that one special thing that would really REALLY bless them. Like my mom wants a new recliner. My brother and sister in law would be so blessed by a mini vacation. I can only think of awesome expensive things for my little sis... and she'd love them all. I got my husband TWO gifts and the budget is blown. Honestly if I could I'd buy him 50 things or more. He's just like a kid on Christmas morning opening his gifts and glowing from ear to ear. Two things just makes me feel like a failure.

I know, I know Christmas isn't about the gifts BUT I'm a gift giver. It's in me. I've always picked up little things here and there that instantly make me think of someone. I've been making things and thinking of extra special perfect gifts for birthdays and holidays all my life. Christmas is the perfect time when you can bless everyone all at once BUT then there's money, bleck! It ruins everything.

Sorry, this is just my little "Christmas Time" rant. I'm mad at myself for not accomplishing alot of the things I'd planned AND for spending more than I should've and I know that there are a few more things I have to pick up from the store this morning. I'm just being moody and grouchy and I needed to get a bit of it out.

Rant finished!

Off to the store I go.


  1. Sometimes it feels good to "rant" so feel free to rant away! Try not to feel bad there are so many ways to feel the spirit and blessings of Christmas all year round and the magic the season holds.

    We only had 30 a child for the last 2 years ( 2 children) and this year had 0 in the budget and when a family read that on my blog, their kindness overwhelmed me when they sent a package to us for the kids so they would have christmas! Poverty is a state of mind, visit me at
    it may help!
    It is my nature to be giving too!

    ps, perhaps we could help rankings of each others blog and swap links on our blogroll! I will be adding you to mine and be a faithful follower!

  2. My boyfriend wants a Kindle. Normally I would've got it for him (I bought him a DS a couple of years ago that cost about the same), but I've had to be really firm with myself. I just know he'd love it, but I also know that it'd be most of my budget gone!

  3. Just think of when you're out of debt and can really put more money towards "bigger" gifts. You're doing a great job keeping your spending in check and preparing for your little one. Keep up the great work!