Saturday, December 3, 2011

Really Scatter Brained Today

I'm thinking: I could post about the 45, about the budget, about Christmas, about the baby... I don't want to write a GIANT blog but I don't want to write 4 posts today either. hmm???

45 highlights
It's been going OK. There are a few that I have not even begun to hit on yet. There are others that I've diligently done every single day. Oh, I've estimated my sugar spending (goal 13) at about $1.05 a day since I instituted that goal. The 50 cent allowance is going to be a really good challenge for me. We've eaten out once already this week (and twice last week). 

I'm still hating the cash envelope part of the plan although I have been sticking to it. Last week I did manage to balance the budget. YAY!  I only have $21 left for the next four days of this week. With a lot of hard work I think we can survive 4 days on $21 but it makes me crazy (and it's unlikely). For the past Five weeks in a row my husbands spending has gone done little by little... SUPER excited about that! Way to go hubby! I'm looking forward to 2012.

I actually started Christmas shopping and gift making. It's not going great but at least it's begun. I've REALLY been having a hard time of it this year. With the baby coming, the coming expenses and wanting to pay off as much debt as possible as fast as possible there just isn't any money for Christmas. I think I can officially cross 4 people off my list of 17 though AND we used overtime money from my husband's paycheck to purchase all of those gifts. I'll probably be making gifts and not purchasing anything for at least 7 others on the list (so that's 11 people taken care of). Only 6 more to go.

Making Jingle Bell Necklaces
It seemed like a good idea but the necklaces are actually turning out a bit ugly. Also, if you really want to tick off your husband try making jingle bell necklaces while he's watching tv. At least I think they sound really cool.


  1. The girls will love those necklaces. They love jewels in all forms.

  2. Hahaha I love that you made them as you were watchin tv.

  3. Love reading your blog girl, keep up the great work x