Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry After Christmas!

Now that it's all said and done I feel that life can return to normal again. No more buying things. No more needing things. No more rush, rush, spend, spend... is that totally awful? I'm officially not used to spending money/ buying things. Officially it feels weird and awkward and Christmas this year was just strange.

That's the fat cat... she was our Christmas card this year

I also learned something this Christmas. If you tell everyone that you would appreciate them to not buy you gifts for Christmas because you would really just like a little extra money for the upcoming baby expenses (three months of work with no pay is a HUGE expense in itself) then you will inevitably receive weird little trinkets. I appreciate the thought. I do love opening gifts (no matter how odd the outcome maybe). But when I said, "truly I want nothing," and you give me some really girly weird items that I would never in a lifetime use I'm not going to be able to muster up a super excited expression. My face just doesn't work that way.

Only 55 more days until the due date. Yes, less than two months now. I don't feel (at present) that there's a lot we need to acquire for the little guy (I'm putting a lot of faith into those upcoming showers) but there certainly is a lot we need to do. Apart from work I'm vastly looking forward to these next 55 days or so. Wowwy life is going to change... Hooray!

I do hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas time! There really is nothing like the holidays (I just wish I hadn't turned into such a freak as of late).


  1. I found it so odd in town this festive season. Everyone just running around with the BUY BUY BUY mindset. I didn't buy many gifts (made most) except a couple of bottles of wine, but I still ventured to town to soak up the atmosphere. I actually think that spoiled my Christmas a bit. I soaked up consumerism instead of festive cheer!