Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Working my way to Forty Five

25. Go outdoors

Ok, so I go outside all the time; when I go to work, when I come home, when I go to the store (wait, that's work). This goal would require me to step outside, if only for a moment strictly to look at the stars or the clouds or the sunset, or to listen to the birds singing for a minute or the crickets chirping. The world out there is SOOO peaceful and beautiful and yes we come in contact with it all the time but how much attention do we actually pay it? This may only require 10 seconds of my time each day but I'm certain it'll bring about peace, calm, relief, and a gratitude that I'm to miss if I neglect those 10 seconds.

26. Give something to the husband

He's beginning to comprehend my eagerness to get rid of this debt. Slowly but surely he's attempting to spend more wisely. He's finally making some frugal decisions. In other words he's come along way. I wish I could give him the world. I wish I was able to let him buy anything and everything his little heart desires. Sadly I was raised by a mother who lavished us kids with gifts (and went further and further into debt) in order to show her love for us. My dad sort of did the same when he was around. AND the husband's mother is the exact same way. I feel like I need to buy him stuff (or let him buy stuff) in order to show him how much I appreciate him. It's ingrained. BUT this is not a truth. Goal number 26 shall encourage me to do something a little extra each day. Today I left a note hanging from a door frame saying that I love him so that when he got home from work he'd see it hanging there. I can try and make a meal he really enjoys on certain evenings. I can clean out his van for him sometimes (he NEVER cleans it). There are potentially billions of little "things" that I can give him without spending money I just need to make the effort. Yeah, yeah he's my husband. I cook and clean and do hundreds of things for him each day but I want to do one little extra something everyday just because I  love him.

27. Fold the Laundry

There is ALWAYS a basket of clean clothes in the hallway. I have this horrible habit of folding most of the clothes and so this basket always just sits with the unfolded ones in the hallway. It kind of drives me crazy and I always tell myself, "you really need to get rid of that basket," but I never do. Goal number 27 potentially would get that basket out of the hallway and would eliminate that one thing that's always hanging out there ever unchecked on the imaginary to do list. The imaginary to do list that exists somewhere in the atmosphere over head is SOOO annoying. Just fold the laundry already!

Today's lovely: I watched a flock of sparrows eat a peanut butter sandwich while on my lunch break. It was extremely entertaining and I observed that sparrows are way more friendly with each other than seagulls. I was pleasantly surprised at their ability to share with one another. Except for one little meany. But there's always one.

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