Friday, December 16, 2011

Only $3.22 over budget last week. Not going to complain about that! I'm not sure where the days are going. One minute it's Sunday and then it's Thursday... wait, it's Friday. Apparently that's what happens when Christmas is coming and you've 500 things to do. Oh, and you've less than 10 weeks until you meet the baby but you've nothing for him but a few outfits. yikes.

Actually I got a $75 gift card for for signing up for an American Express card (which I'm not going to use)... is that sneaky. Anyway, I got our first diapers with that $75. Only a few. Cloth diapers are NOT cheap! But I'm on my way, yippee.


  1. Good luck with it all. Just remember that many people make do with putting baby in an unused drawer on the floor even. You DO NOT need a fancy crib. Just make sure the mattress is new to avoid cot death. Everything else is not necessary! Focus on feeding yourself well. That is how he gets the best start in life! Good luck x

  2. Michal, you should also open a checking account with Huntington Bank and an account with Chase. If you google it, they both have promotions for $150 if you set up an account there. There are restrictions -- with Huntington I think you need to use the debit card five times in the first month and with Chase, you may have to set up direct deposit or have a minimum balance or something. Might be a worthwhile way to build the baby bank. :)