Friday, March 21, 2014

Attempting To Keep Things In Perspective

I find myself getting very discouraged often times lately, "geesh, this debt isn't going anywhere and it's more difficult to pay the bills and buy groceries then ever!" Finances are a big headache.

Rarely do I stop and think about the reality that our income is much lower with me working part time (although my husband going into management has off set that a little bit). And we aren't a family of two any longer. We were for so many years that honestly I don't think about the fact that we really are a three person household now. Even though the kiddo is just two there is a good chunk of extra expense that comes along with him.

Our debt is very slowly going down, which seems so discouraging but IT IS GOING DOWN. For the first half of our marriage it was only ever going up. So, even if progress is slow going, it's progress. I need to find at least a little solace in that. My dream for life isn't to be a wealthy person living in the lap of luxury. It is however to have a happy family and ideally stay home and raise my child/ children. Being able to work part time, still pay all the bills, pay off debt however slowly, and learn how to be a great mommy and homemaker is progress.

I really can't complain. I'm living the dream. I think often times the way we perceive things makes an enormous difference in how we feel about life. I can look at myself as someone who's struggling along with money, not making huge strides in the debt arena, and embrace frustration. Or I can see that I already have so much of what I really truly want out of life and revel in that. I'm attempting to walk out the latter.

Average daily spending for March: $17.34

There's $70.78 left in this month's budget.


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  1. :) Space robot :)))) The debt IS going down. You're doing great, with everything :)