Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cars, Oh Lovely Lovely Cars

Honestly, does anyone ever truly feel "grown up?" I'm 34 this year. I know that's not old but it certainly does seem rather adulty. The husband and I have purchased two cars together without help or input from our parents. But from my experience car matters always seem so urgent; so rushed. When it comes to cars I never really feel "grown up." Things just seem so shaky, iffy, confusing; there are no clear paths in dealing with vehicles it seems. The whole ordeal tends to make me feel like I'm a silly foolish 16 year old again.

This time around I'm really proud of us for really taking it easy (so far). We're weighing our options, all of our options. We're doing what needs to be done to get around the issues that come along with two working adults having one vehicle between them. We're being realistic about what type of vehicle we should possibly purchase and looking at every way we can to not take out a loan. We're actually doing some research in finding the best way to sell Murphy and the seemingly dead van along with him.

Last time our car died we dove into the car hunt ferociously and fast! We set our budget around $6000 and ended up driving away with a $11,000 loan. Granted at the time we needed a reliable, fuel efficient car. No repairs yet and years later we still love the car we bought but we did not stick with the plan at all. This time we just need a "get arounder" and we're taking it slow. You can call it lazy if you wish (I'm pretty sure that's how my in laws are looking at the way we're "tackling" our dead vehicle situation) but I'm proud of us for taking it slow this time.

I don't think my husband and I are in agreement about how much we spend on this next vehicle but at least we're on the same page about taking our time and not rushing into a huge new debt. At this point I'm looking at that as a victory.


  1. It's not lazy, it's smart :)

  2. I've never felt like an adult. I see other people, probably close to my age, that look like adults to me. But in my mind, I'm still a teenager. And I'm always amazed that I'm allowed to be in charge of 2 little girls lives cause I still feel like a kid.

    My father in law is a car salesman. We never get to pick out our own cars. When its close to when we are thinking about buying we let him know and he always finds us a great car someone just traded in. Plus we always get a really really good price. But sometimes it would be nice to actually go out test driving and pick out a car myself.

    1. I hear you! At this point I look at my age and think that I should feel older but I really don't feel much older than say, 23.

      You are very VERY lucky! Picking out a car is not fun, it's huge headache. I mean unless you have tons of money at your disposal. I HATE car shopping so much it isn't even funny.