Friday, March 14, 2014

Average Daily Spending Update

Here's a tour of how I plan my spending (ideally).

As it stands my average daily spending for March is $17.71 a day.
I'm pretty sure I can get away with buying tuna fish and apple juice today and not spending tomorrow.
That would bring my average daily spending for March to $16.96 a day.
My goal this year is $15 a day.

The remaining budgeted money in order to reach my goal of $15 a day for March would be $162.54 for the last 16 days; about $10.16 a day. I've accomplished this before BUT not while including spending for my son in the budget. I don't think I can do it... but will I try? Yep! That's the goal: spend $3.58 today, nothing tomorrow, and just $162.54 for the remainder of March.

All in all, at $16.96 a day so far this month I can't say I'm doing too poorly.

I've been doing okay with not buying food while working. I think it's about a 2 days out of 5 days ratio of purchasing food while working. Dropping those 2 days would really help in reaching this months budget goal.

I've got a few old oranges sitting on my counter right now that are just dying to be made into orange coconut bread. I'm off...


  1. Ooooh, orange coconut bread! Please share a recipe - I have a zillion oranges going bad from the tree in our yard.

    What prompts you to spend at work? If you have a better sense of what's tempting, maybe we can help you brainstorm solutions for avoiding.

    1. The spending at work is mostly from underplanning. I get busy in the morning and then don't end up bringing lunch or a snack with me. Ugh, planning!

      I'll post the recipe for the bread for sure. It's so yummy!