Sunday, March 16, 2014


$15 a day for March = $465

This young lass has spent $358.10 so far this month.

There's $106.90 left in this month's budget.

It's not practical that I'll pull off $15 a day but I'm going to see how far I can make it on the remaining "budgeted" funds. Let the countdown begin.

At present the average daily spending for March is: $17.73
(that's with 2 prospective no spends, tomorrow and Tuesday)

I just picked up a ton of groceries... a ton of groceries for me at least. I try and keep my shopping trips under 12 items. I have several lunches, breakfasts, smoothie fixins, beverages (except my husband seems to have guzzled the apple juice while I was shopping), and 4 dinners worth of food in the house. Two consecutive no spends "should" be easy and I "should" be able to get by with pretty light spending for a few days after them. Ugh, I hate shopping.

Prospective pitfalls: My husband is HORRIBLY wore down from a crazy work schedule last week. He's been a bear (a mean, grouchy bear) and I'm pretty wore down too. That's the first issue. Me being very emotionally wore down has also led to me REALLY craving a dinner out on the town. It's not like dinners out are off limits but it's also NOT in the budget right now.

In other random rambly type news: I haven't purchased a single disposable diaper this year (and see no reason why I shall have to). My son is down to one (cloth) diaper a day. He's no longer wetting at naptime so it's just the bedtime diaper now. I've kept expenses down a bit by using cloth wash clothes to wash the dishes. My husband prefers sponges for the dish washing but he hasn't washed the dishes since I started working part time so there's really no need to purchase any. I haven't purchased any paper towels this year (I'm not in the habit of doing so but my husband sometimes requests them). I found a stash of old trash bags in the basement (we have a ton of other people's stuff/ inherited items in our house) so I haven't purchased any trash bags this year. I'm waiting on most of the coupons from last week's newpaper till the items are on sale as well so I don't have an actual coupon total. But I totally broke even on the $2 cost of the paper with stuff I regularly buy so I picked up another paper today. I might be able to get into this couponing thing... but it seems that it could get SOOOO easy to buy stuff you don't need just because you feel like you're getting a good deal. I wonder if that might cancel out alot of the money people think they're saving... I don't know.


  1. I get so excited about finding things like trash bags, I do :) Like you think you're out of shampoo and then you find a brand new bottle stashed away in the closet :)
    Here's to an excellent week!

  2. Finding things you need, for free, is just wonderfull.
    We got a really sweet little bike for my girl yesterday, out of the blue. Not needed, but so much fun.
    And no diapers is just wonderfull. Here its down to 4 a day and sadly, the washables are now to small. Just a little while to go untill summer, though. So start trying to get her out of diapers by then...