Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oh March, How I've Missed Thee

Our tax return came in. Guess who has $1200 in the emergency fund???

Okay, maybe there's just $1000 in the emergency fund but I've $200 hanging out with it so that we don't spend it in the blink of an eye (that's called savings, right). I have so many mixed emotions about the emergency fund. I feel like a good girl for having the money back in place. I'm sad the $1000 is gone; here one day, gone the next. (I know it's not gone. But you're not supposed to touch the EF so it feels gone.) And I'm slightly scared because I feel like every time we've gotten the $1000 in there something costing $1000 springs up. Making a declaration here and now: NOT THIS TIME! This house is closed for business murphy.

In other March news, we had a little get together at my house yesterday and my sister in law brought me eggs. If you bring Cadbury I will hang up balloons. hehe

I'm one happy girl right now.

So maybe there're still SEVERAL feet of snow out there, maybe it was -15F outside two days ago, maybe it just keeps snowing every single day, still March means spring and green and it's bound to happen sooner or later.

St. Patrick's day is drawing nigh which means I can begin reading my annual St. Patrick book. I know, I get excited about silly little things. What can I say, I have my own traditions and I love to read.

And drum roll please... da da da daaahhh, My baby is TWO!!!

I'm so eternally and beyond words thankful for this precious life. Two years... wow!

Now I have to catch up my February spending, tally the February financials, and work on the March stock up plan. Fun, fun, fun!


  1. Cadbury Crème Eggs... MMMMmmmmmm! They are my WEAKNESS! I forgot that it is that time of year- Yay!! :)

    1. I have a serious weakness. My sister in law loves me :-)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on the emergency fund being full! :)